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Dear Dennis,
in 2005 I lost my Mother to cancer, a death I anticipated, and my husband to cancer,
a death that came on quickly after diagnosis. I know that the grief has changed me in so
many ways, and I continue to struggle to find my new life. I have had two dreams that are very
different than any dreams I have ever had in my 62 years. The first was sitting in a place with
people that I did not know, but one identified himself as Pat, my spiritual advisor. The surroundings
were what made this dream unique - it was a clean look in both landscape and arcitecture,
and the daylight was brighter than anything I have ever experienced. Though I do not remember
what was said to me, I woke up feeling refreshed and loved, with a calm and tranquil feeling.
The next dream was a reunion with my husband and we were hugging almost suspended in
air and were so close I had the feeling of being one person and a stronger love
than I have ever felt before. Could these possibly be visits from the other side?

A.Dear "Lyn"
It is definitely possible that your “dreams” were a form of communion with these “departed”
loved ones. And this can include – parental spiritual support as well as deeper communion
with Your Inner Being. I say this for a number of reasons:
First, as you probably realize, there is no such thing as “death’ of
Who We Really Are – Unique Perspectives of our Source Energy or “God.” “Heaven is within”!
Second: It is always possible to commune with those who have “gone back into the Stream”
for awhile. But this can only take place when we are in somewhat of a non-resistive high
vibration as they are – from the moment of transition.

So, when we are in that heavenly non-resistive sleep state, we are more likely to attract
those who are in the non-physical. Especially when there has been a strong desire to connect.
You were born at a time when the Oneness, Spiritual and dream state planet, Neptune,
was in the sign, Libra, of marriage and close connections. So, when you are in an altered state,
such as in sleep, it can be a more natural thing for you – more than for most who did not intend to
have that “Soul Mate” pattern as strongly “wired into” the psyche as you do!

The love and desire to be with another is actually a reflection of a deeper urge within all of us.
And that desire is to unite in full intimacy with our Source.

I feel that that was what you had experienced. There is no “other side” when we are in
Alignment with our Source energy. And this is indicated when we feel such things as Joy,
Appreciation and, Unconditional Love. These are other words for God Energy and as you may know, they can be experienced from time-to-time while we are on this leading-edge “physical side” of Creation.

With your natal Neptune in Libra you have likely always wanted a “Soul Mate” type of relationship.
Based on what we’ve said, you may understand that this search is really the Search for Self -
for the “Inner Marriage.” And in acknowledging this - putting the “Inner Marriage” first -
you will not be short-changing any relationship in your life; because we are all Unique
Perspectives of The One. (Notice your, “feeling of being one person”!)

I feel that your husband has been with you before (other life experiences in your
multi-dimensionality, which you might think of more as “past” lives). And that you will
have “reunions.” No rush – you have Eternity! And your “work” in the current Now –
the Path for All of Us – is to follow a trail of thoughts that begin to feel better-and-better.
For what we’re thinking today, becomes our reality in our “tomorrows.”
Thanks for Sharing.
In Oneness, Dennis

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