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Transpersonal Astrology in
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What do you think of a Cancer (husband) and Capricorn (wife) match? We seem to really butt heads lately over the future, I am a planner and insist on thinking long term, while he lives day-to-day and tells me not to worry about tomorrow until it gets here. He drives me crazy! K. R.

A. Although your Cancer (Sun Sign) husband and your Capricorn Sun Sign are opposite signs they are complimentary energies. You are perhaps more earthy and practical and he may be more emotionally responsive in the ever-moving Now.
Actually in Synastry (The Astrological branch dealing with relationships) we consider six pairs of signs, versus twelve separate signs. You two are an earth and water pair.

Although it is wise to factor in your natal Moon Signs (moods and habit patterns) and your Mercury signs (“perceptive antennas” for thinking and communicating), as well as comparisons of your natal Venus with his Mars (“chemistry” potentials), in your relationship potentials, your complimentary Sun Sign Elements suggest that you have the potential to learn, from each other, compromise and grow.

You mention “Butt heads lately,” and this relates to the once in 30 years transit of Saturn in Virgo that we are all experiencing from September 2007 to July 2010. Since Earthy Saturn is in an area that impels Capricorns to build for future growth and achievements - and here it gives Cancer’s the potentially productive time to make important decisions about change, mental discipline and discrimination, – you both might benefit by sorting out your own truths during this cycle. It’s important to understand that there are no “victims” here, because Life always mirrors our current, dominant, choice of thoughts.

After the first couple years pass in a relationship, the “chemistry” can change and at times a couple can begin to wonder if they want to live with some things that seem to be changing in the relationship.

It may be helpful to understand that no one - no thing - external to - ourselves is responsible for our thoughts and the Joy or Sorrow these thoughts can create. It means we are no longer willing to hold others responsible for how we feel. How we feel is the result of where we choose to focus our attention.

K.R. If you would devote 3 weeks to focusing on something you really love about your husband and/or your marriage – without focusing on what you don’t want - you will see amazing results. Just don’t tell him that you are using this healing process of choosing Love over fear. With this knowledge and choice to put the “Inner Marriage” first we can find harmony with anyone or anything!

In Oneness, Dennis


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