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Our Natural State Is Joy
(Regardless of what
"others" may think)

Dear Dennis,
Dear Dennis,
Why do I feel guilty and hesitant (about) moving on
with Charlie – since my husband died 2 years ago?
Thank you, J

A.Dear J,
Your hesitancy probably does have a lot to do with feeling guilty.
The question is” “Guilty” about what!? Certainly your husband is not “deceased,”
because there is no end to Who-We-Really-Are.

As soon as we do a transition, back into the non-physical for awhile, we are
immediately in a Joyful and Unconditional Loving vibrational space! We know,
immediately, that we are One with All-That-Is. (Even though each of us are unique
perspectives of our One Source Energy (“God”)).

It might help you to understand that every “death’ is planned. In other words,
before each incarnation into the physical vibration of Creation (“heaven”), with
our total free-will, we pretty much set up a Soul’s “game plan,” of experiences,
temperamental tendencies, kinds of relationships and turning points.

And Carl Jung said: “Free will is the ability to do, gladly, that which I must do.”
So J, your guilt and hesitancy feelings may largely be possible because you –
like most people – didn’t have a knowing of this “bigger picture.”
You didn’t fully believe yet, that All is well!

Your husband is in a very good-feeling place if he’s still back in the ‘Stream.’
But we are always eager to come back into this leading-edge physical part of Creation!
Eager to develop our capacity to participate consciously with the
four basic factors or “engines” of co-Creation: Power, Responsibility, Wisdom and –
most importantly – Unconditional Love.

Each time contrast comes along, such as your current situations, we have the opportunity
to “turn the other cheek” more towards what we would prefer. And as we intend to go to
the next new thing (Charlie), that good feeling Moment, is the feeling of your just having
helped Creation expand! Expansion (“heaven”) never stops!

J, your guidance system for making the right decisions is your Intuition. It guides you by: “Good feels good” and “bad feels bad.”
Now if your guilt and hesitancy feelings involve worry about others (children for example) and how your Joyful Path choices may affect their happiness, then it might soothe you to understand that when you’ve following your Joy – your heart – that how they might feel about it is not your (“guilty”) responsibility. Everyone has access to the “Ask and it is given.”

In Oneness, Dennis


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