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Welcome to the inspirational and empowering
“Metaphysics of Love” website

by Dennis Cole,
Metaphysical and Life Management Consultant.


Through questions from our visitors, articles and, discussion
Dennis will shine Light upon the deeper meaning behind our Life, Love, and
Relating experiences. He will weave together, from the best of spiritually-
channeled information with Transpersonal Astrology and Psychology,
a synergism for creating a more Joyful Life of Relating.

The workable tools revealed can serve anyone who desires a
deeper understanding of Life’s Purpose, spiritual growth, Love and Joy,
as a useful guide for this “Onward into Forever Adventure” we all share.

"My intent will be to unveil important aspects
of our personal existence as they relate to Love,
Metaphysics and being Human."
In Oneness, Dennis

If you have a question for Dennis feel free to ask here:

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