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Can a person be "in love" with 2 people at the same time?
Dear Dennis,

I did what you said and made a list of the qualities and attributes I would want in a significant other. Then I let it go.
Two of them appeared out of "nowhere." Is it possible to love them both? What do I do next? ~ E. M. W.


Dear E. M.,
A Yes, it is possible to be "in love" with more than one person at the same time! However, this depends on how we choose to define "love."
"Falling in love" involves a good feeling brain chemistry, which serves a biological evolutionary purpose. However, this is often a more exclusive or possessive love, because the Ego wants to be "special."
On the other hand, Unconditional Love comes from Oneness Consciousness - the realization that "It's All God"! In such a Unity Consciousness there is a capacity to Love All; to open the heart to the diverse Perspectives of Our One Source Energy.
And, yes, there can be some special connections - "Soul Mates," if you will, with some of our "Siblings in Spirit;" but there's still the Unconditional love involved. Meaning: You do not need the "other's" behavior to be such-and-such a way in order for you to feel good.

In order for you to Love You!

This is our Journey
into Forever!

The love we seek is a reflection of the deeper Inner Being's desire to unite in full intimacy with the Creation.
Attracting "two of them" could suggest a number of things, E. M.! At one level it might reflect that there is such a powerful desire to be loved that more outer (false) sources of self love "appear." The inner state always attracts the outer conditions!
We always attract someone who represents our transsexual side. Most relationships, until we have grown Spiritually and emotionally, are Unconscious!
Ideally we would be looking for a mate with whom we can share love and grow, versus someone "to make me feel happy." When we put the "Inner Marriage" first and Love Self, then we are able to bring the whole-of-who-We-really-Are into the relationship. Such an emotionally available relationship does not need the "other" for us to feel Love. Joy (Life's Purpose) is an inside job!

"Like attracts like"!

As for your question: "What do I do next?" Be Self-ish! Be yourself! But do so without an "attitude"; i.e., without resentment or judgements of any kind. Don't "sell your soul" by compromising your values.
When you are clear and focused on how you would love to feel and be in a relationship, then Source Energy – under the Great Law of Attraction - will orchestrate and assemble all the cooperative "actors" into your "Play," which you are "writing" by your conscious or unconscious choice of thoughts. Thoughts which reflect your current beliefs and self-picture!
The different qualities you love in each of these two people you've attracted can be found in one person, but you will always attract in accordance with your current, dominant, average choice of thoughts! And if that calls for experiences involving love of more than one; well there's no rules written "in the sky" about any experience for growth being "wrong."
Love you! Be yourSelf! Then you will attract a relationship that matches that love and harmony - but without the confusion or ego gratification games that can come about when we are living by default.
"What next?" Enjoy the "Play," Knowing that you can do no wrong and there can be no "victims" in a Universe based on "Like attracts Like."

In Oneness,


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