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Compassion with Detachment
A man and I are attracted to each other. He is married, his wife has been ill with cancer for a while and they are no longer living as man and wife. He has become her caretaker. We are unable to stop being attracted to each other. Should we see each other, should I back off? B.G.

A. Dear B.G.,
Central to the “Metaphysics of Love” is the great Universal Law of Attraction. You may have heard of it as “As ye sow....”) Under this LOA, sooner or later, we will find that “like attracts like”. And because we all get what we’ve mainly been vibrating - thinking, believing and feeling - which includes our self-picture - we will come to realize that there are no “victims”. The purpose of Life is to “become like a little child” or, to paraphrase Joseph Campbell: to “Follow your Bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open - sometimes in areas you least expected.” He might best be able to help his wife by realizing that no one is responsible for how others feel. He can best help his wife when he chooses to feel GoOD when he thinks of her. We develop “dis-eases” in Life when we do not listen to our heart. “Dis-ease” results when one has developed a powerful desire for a new and joyful life, but their belief and expectancy about being able to have this is pinched off. It feels like a loss of control. Now B.G., we all have the free will, under the “Ask and it is given”, to choose our thoughts. We can begin to no longer agree to live by default and to knee jerk react to “what is’! Solomon said it well: “A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine.”

The “Course in Miracles” says something like: “Desire is your prayer. God will give you anything if you really desire it.” B.G. it is not his responsibility to join in with negative emotions. There is nothing wrong with compassion with detachment when it comes to his wife. Maybe even help her at times, as spirit moves. We are not our bodies and when we leave them between physical world sojourns, we immediately realize that all is well. Creation is an Onward into Forever Adventure! There are “reunions” or unique perspectives of God coming together again along this Eternally Expanding Trail.

B.G. you might want to turn it over to the Universe, as to how you can resolve this decision. In case you haven’t noticed, the clues have already been given here! Source Energy can bring to you a Joyful life of Love, as you begin to focus more on what you want, but without worrying about what others might think or feel. We are all in charge of our own Joy; it’s an inside job! Remember, There are no "victims.” As you focus in virtual reality on the essence of what you want - and WHY you want it - and “turn the other cheek” away from what you don’t want, you will soon find yourself in heaven on Earth.
Wishing you Blessings as you change your thoughts and change your Life.

In Oneness, Dennis


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