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Choosing Love over fear
Dear Dennis,
I have diffi culties allowing others to get close, both physically and emotionally. How can I
learn to overcome my fear and take some risks to make friends?

A. Linda,
We don’t have to “like” - by nature of contrast- everyone; even those who may be relatives!
However, we can teach ourselves to come more into Unity Consciousness! Because
the Love and desire to be with a “Soulmate” is at bottom, a refl ection of a deeper
inner urge to unite in full intimacy with Our Source Energy. Put this “Inner Marriage” fi rst
and your outer relationships will change. In this Oneness Consciousness, fear is not
likely to take root. Instead, when we practice the “Namastae” outlook, meaning: “That
Perspective of Our One Source God withinme, acknowledges and pays homage to that
Unique Perspective of Source Energy withinyou, that is, when I’m in Alignment with
that Energy within Self. When I’m choosing thoughts that make me feel Joy, Appreciation
and Love. It helps, a lot, to focus on something you like about another, or your relationship
with others. Doing this for about 3weeks and without telling anyone – can have
a positive, transformative, impact on your life and relationships!

We get into this Alignment when we use our Free-Will to access thoughts that feel
better-and-better. And, we’re more likely to choose better-feeling thoughtsonce contrast
has given us enough desire to want a better life, and to choose to “turn the other cheek”
toward what would feel better. For example, Linda, you have come to an
important point of contrast. You now know that you don’t want to feel sad and alienated
from “others.” Such contrasting feelings are great! They are the gift of this yin and yang
physical - leading edge - portion of Creation!

Because without these occasional crisis or tensions there would be no development and
construction - no Expansion of Universe! And expansion - Onward into the Joy of Forever
- is what an unlimited Creation is about! Albert Camus said: “I shall tell you a great
secret, my friend: Do not wait for the ‘last judgment,’ if takes place every day.” Likewise,
a couple thousand years ago, a Master Teacher said: “The ‘second coming’ doesn’t
come by observation. Don’t look here or there when they say ‘go this way, go that way’; for
the‘Kingdom of heaven’ is within you. It is in your midst... You can do these things and
more.” Please know, that your greatest Power is your capacity to Love without judgment!
So, Linda, in order for you to create your better-feeling life, it might help you to write
down a few sentences of what this current contrast in Life has impelled you to prefer
- what kind of relationships you would love to have - but without bringing in who or what
that has helped you to prefer to feel better! Then make a list of reasons why you want
this - again, without getting caught up in the past and such thoughts of trying to “get away
from.” Consider that your primary reason for wanting this change, is because you’re going
to feel better when you create it! Make up some more reasons why you
want this new desire to be your reality. You might want it to teach or be a Source of Inspiration
for others. Use these “Why” reasons to move you into a virtual reality and your
thought forms will soon come into manifestation!

Just remember, however, that we can’t love - nor receive love from - “others” if
we don’t’ love our-Selves. And, we begin to Love our-Selves when we practice Oneness
Consciousness. This will bring forth the Unconditional Love which is Who We Are at
the Core of our Be-ing!
In Oneness (“Namastae”),


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