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Can we suffer enough to make others feel better?
Dear Dennis,

After crying and trying to write my feelings, I have this to ask – Jesus took on pain and suffering so that we would not have to suffer. I believe my twin sister has done that for me – and others in our family. Please help. These feelings of mine are deep, and I so feel sad, and so guilty to see her suffer. What can I do and say to her because I do understand and believe... D.I.

Dear D,
Thank you for submitting this heart-felt question and deep concern. I'm sure it must be especially painful for you because of the special connection with a twin sister.

It may soothe you to understand that your concern and "guilt" over someone else';s suffering is based on a false premise. And that is the widespread belief that things just randomly "happen" to us or that we've "sinned".

Nothing could be further from the truth because there is a recognizable Universal Law that assembles and orchestrates all of our relationships, Life experiences and conditions. "Universal", meaning it works on all planes of Creation; it works whether you believe in it or not, and it is in never-ceasing operation, whether you've heard of it or not! You've mentioned that, "Jesus took on pain and suffering so that we would not have to suffer". If that were so, why is your sister suffering and why are we and others suffering? Basically suffering or any "dis-ease" is simply a potential guidance system to let us know when how we're perceiving things is currently not in agreement with how our Source Energy ("God") views the situation.

Suffering is a gift – a "wakeup call" to release resistance to change. To want to again intend to allow into our lives that better-feeling relationship or life condition that contrast or crisis had once urged us to prefer. The "good news" is that we don't have to join in with that more joyful life scenario by next month in order to attract healing. Instead, we simply need to let go of doubt or lack of faith about how it could be possible. That's not our work. Our job, in Edgar Cayce's words, is to "Let go and let God."

Our work is to have fun in our now, knowing we've asked and it's given. It will come into our lives when we are imagining more how it would feel if we were already there, more than noticing "what is" and the feeling of lack. It helps to not worry about who, how or when?

Solomon, in Proverbs, said, "A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine." It's so nice to know that we always attract into our Life experience whatever with our free will we choose to think about most – whether we like it or not! Nice, because it nudges us to take full responsibility for our thoughts!

Our power as co-Creators is to know how our thoughts are creating our experiences. Jesus said that "The kingdom is within you" and that the "second coming does not come by observation." Heaven is an ever-expanding Creation. We are in it! We are not our physical bodies and Life is not about "getting it done so I can be happy." In this physical, yin and yang, leading edge of Creation we have joyously agreed to play and co-create as "children of God" or unique viewpoint of the One.

All is Source Energy and that includes your sister and the person staring at you with so much Love as you look in the mirror. Nothing is wrong. Nothing needs saving. Our Source is that Presence that knows all is well. How could it be any other way when we understand the words: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap"? It's so soothing to know that "like attracts like". Once we know that, then we will begin to care about and pay attention to how we feel.

We've got nothing of value to give to our "siblings in Spirit" if we don't love and care about the unique Part of the All-That-Is which we Are! By unconditionally loving and caring about Self and "Others" we are loving God.

That's how it's done! You don't have to feel "guilty" about anything, D. If you want to help your sister – or anyone – come back into Unity Consciousness and the Unconditional Love that this can bring forth. You may best help your sister and others when you choose good-feeling thoughts when you think of them. Know that they, too, are growing as they've "picked up their cross" which was a part of their "Soul's game plan." This is the example that Jesus came to reveal when he said, "Behold God." God is not "out there" because "heaven is within Our midst." When we choose thoughts that make us feel appreciation, Joy or Love, we are at One with that "Heaven within." James Allen said it well: "Think good thoughts and they will quickly become actualized in your outward life in the form of good conditions."

D. I wish you well as you access your "Inner Guidance" which always points you in the right direction, when you pay attention to it! What is this "hot line to God"? It is your Intuition. And how does it set you on the right Path? By paying attention to your "good feels good; bad feels bad." The short cut to you're having a "second coming" (Momentary Alignments with the Love of your Source), would be to try out that "prayer without ceasing" called "appreciation". You may "borrow" my New year's resolution if you wish: "Notice how GoOD things are." Teachers in non-Physical say that "Appreciation is the secret to life." Wishing you Blessings of Love as you apply whatever works for you.

In Oneness,


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