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All is well
Dear Dennis,
I have been able to hear on a different frequency. My son died a year ago
and I heard talking like a radio and music I never heard before coming from the room
had at my mom's. Is it possible for me to become unstuck in this grief I am
Thank you, Michie

A. Dear Michie,
Yes, it is possible for you to move through this grief you are experiencing. Time does tend to heal wounds!
It’s not clear whether you’re suggesting that the “radio and music” you heard was what you may have felt was your son’s attempt to communicate with you, or not? What is clear to me, is that the grief you are experiencing over his transition back into the nonphysical, is your Inner Being’s way of trying to convey to you that you need to let go of resistance to change! “Dis-ease” is always soul’s “wake-up call” for change.

When I was a young teen and sledding with some friends at a local country club, I “heard” my great
grandmother, Jessie, call my name. She lived with us, so I went home and asked my mother,
“Where is grandma?” My mother said she had just passed on. Since that time I have received other
clairaudiant “messages” from others who had passed over.

My point, Michie, is that we are much more than our physical bodies. Each of us - as well as your son - are
unique Perspectives (“souls”) of our One Source Energy (“God”). We are Eternal, and we do reincarnate and
have “reunions” from time-to-time.

Engraved on Mark Twain’s monument, where he was buried in Elmira new York, are the words:
“Death is the starlit strip between the companionship of yesterday and the reunion of tomorrow.”

In order for you to be able to commune with your son you would need to be in as joyful state of consciousness
as he is when you are thinking of him. Sometimes this is easier when you are just about to go to sleep - or just
before awakening and opening your eyes. Another option would be to ask your Inner Being (The unique Perspective
of All-That-Is that you are) to present you with a dream (while you are in your heavenly non-resistive sleep state)
which you might be better able to flow energies to - that you apparently are not doing while you’re in your
current awake grief state - that would help to soothe you into releasing resistance to change.

Sooner or later we all can go through such a profound experience as you’re having , Michie. These contrasts are
always “stepping stones” disguised as “stumbling blocks.” The “Silver Lining’ is always there for us, if we will just
“turn the other cheek” towards focusing on how we would rather feel and be. This cannot happen if we keep on
focusing on what “happened!” Every “death” is a “suicide,’ in that it was a part of the Soul’s “game plan” for that time.
“To every thing there is a season!”

Our joy, which is Life’s Purpose, depends upon where we choose to focus our attention. We can focus on what we
don’t want or on what we would prefer. The Universe - under the Great Universal law of Attraction, aka,
“As ye sow, so shall ye reap” will always respond to either choice.

Michie, if your son could say something to you right now, it might be to say that: All is well; and that he has total
freedom to plan his next adventure into the physical Universe.
He might also suggest that, through this
opportunity to overcome grief, you are going to come to your own Truth and find that same freedom in
knowing that “heaven is within.” He is there for you as you choose Love over fear.
In Oneness,

In Oneness,


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