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When resistance fades Love appears.
Dear Dennis,
I really believe that there is no one out there for me! I am a Virgo (my birth date is 9/7/63).
I have been divorced for about 3 years now, and I really would like to meet this one man,
we have spoken to each other quite a bit through work, and he has displayed an interest
in getting together with me to one of my co-workers, but I have yet to have a date or even
just a coffee with him! Last week, he was trying to get together with me, but due to work,
etc... we have yet to meet! I really feel like I am at my wit's end and I look forward to the
next psychic fair to meet you hopefully! I guess I am just really looking for some words
of hope & encouragement!

A.Dear Debbie -
You mention that you believe “There is no one out there for you.” In some ways that is true; because the “Soul Mate” each of us seeks, when we want to love and be with someone, is actually a reflection of our deeper desire to unite in complete intimacy with the Universe - with God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

When we put the “Inner Marriage” first, and realize our Oneness with Source Energy, we are then more likely to be able to love unconditionally. Meaning, that we are then able to attract a Soul mate, under the Universal Law of Attraction (like attracts like), and share Love, but without needing the other to behave in certain ways in order for us to feel good.

When two people can come together, and because of their ability to be themselves and respect and allow others to be themselves, they are then no longer willing to hold the other responsible for how they feel.

Under the Law of Attraction (“As ye sow...”) each of us attracts in accordance with the dominant, average, thoughts we sow. In other words we are all 100% responsible for every experience we have ever had - or will have.

With these ideas in mind, Debbie, can you see that as you get better at being “Self-ish” and more-and-more vibrating Unconditional Love, that, under the Law of Attraction, you will be able to attract a Soul Mate who is of a similar state of evolution. That person would actually be a mirror for your own inner transsexual side or “animus.”

It can help you to listen to your heart, don’t talk yourself into a relationship and compromise your values. The ancient I Ching suggests that: “A relationship should be based upon a two-way, spontaneous, affection.” Know that your desire to share Life and Love is your prayer. The Universe has “got the message!” Know that you’ve asked and it is given. Just relax and don’t keep focusing on the lack. Think more about what you want and why you want it, and your Soul Mate will be “right around the corner.”

You’ve mentioned your birth date, so I can see that this year – especially in September and October 2008 – you’ve experienced a once in 30 years major event! Transiting Saturn in Virgo united with your natal Sun conjunct Venus. This can symbolize a deep serious desire to find social fulfillment in relationship, and perhaps in your work and self-development as well.

Transpersonal Astrology could help shed more light on these and other cycles. These cycles would indicate when you would more likely be psychologically “ripe” to join with a “Sibling in Spirit” mate, and therefore vibrate and attract the other side of Self to find complete intimacy. And “Synastry” (Astrology of Relationships) could reveal the kind of mate with whom you would find a natural Love and harmony.
In Oneness,


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