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Living in the Now... Now... NOW
Dear Dennis,
My husband & I have been married 31 years. He’s 10 years older than me.
He started to fixate on his own death and our eventual separation on this plane.
I’ve reminded him of that “some people dwelled so much on dying they forgot to live”.
He still has concerns about being alone without me. How can I convince my husband to
enjoy the time we have together whatever that time may be?
Thank you,

A.Dear B.K.
Your own response is a good one for starts: You suggested that he appreciate the time you do have together.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj suggests: “Let go your desires and fears, and the thoughts they create,
and you are at once in your natural state.”

It might help your husband to consider that, in fact, the only place he will ever be is in the holy Moment,
where the God of his Being - his Consciousness - is focused. He can choose to worry about the “past”
or the “future,” but he can only experience this right Now; oops! Right Now in... no right NOW...

A wise group of Teachers in the non-physical, have suggested that our Life condition or concerns
won’t get better until our choice of thoughts gets better, in the Now.

If your husband would only consider this and that his “future” Now is always going to be a
manifestation of his current dominant average choice of thoughts, then he would probably
worry less. Mark Twain said: “I’ve seen a lot of problems in my day - most of which never happened.”

B.K., if your husband would appreciate the Good in his life right Now he would change his vibration
and attract a more Joyful sharing with you in the Now. The trick is for him to dwell on what he
wants instead of what he fears.

In summary it might help your husband to consider that the desire to love and be with you is actually
a reflection of a deeper Soul urge which is within All-of -Us. And that desire is to be united with the
Universe (God) in full trust and intimacy. If your husband would consider that “heaven is within”
(Luke 17:21) then he might appreciate that perspective of God in both of you as one (“Namastae”);
and gradually come to realize that there can never be separation in this state of Oneness Consciousness...
Eternal Now. The outcome could result in Unconditinal Love.
In Oneness, Dennis

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