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We're All 100% Responsible
Dear Dennis -
You’ve lectured and written about 100% responsibility. I wish to learn more about how that relates to me personally. The night before college graduation “my friends” put a friend of theirs up to taking me out on a date and “make a woman of me” before the graduation ceremony the next day. During the night this young man tried to rape me. I fought him off but it left me not only damaged physically, but as well for decades it damaged me socially. Sometimes one hears folks say: “She asked for it.” Was I responsible for this? Did I really “ask for it?”
Dr. G.

A. Dr. G.
You may be able to answer your own questions. But before that would be possible you would need to understand and accept some basic factors behind who we really are and how we get what we get. Basically you “asked for it” - before you incarnated! The first thing to consider is that It’s All God! That there’s nothing but Source Energy manifesting in many forms or perspectives. Two thousand years ago, a master teacher said that, “heaven is within us.” In other words the terrorist, the nurse, the rapist or the flower are all emanations of our One Source. Each contributing to the Whole.

The next factor to consider is called the Universal “Law of Attraction.” You’ve probably heard of it as: “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

At this point you might think something like: “Then if we are all Siblings in Spirit, each contributing to our One Source, why would that Source - God, choose to have “perspectives” of Self go through all these experiences of war, disease, rape, incest, poverty and suffering?

The basic answers is: “For the Joy of the Expansion of Creation, that comes from these contrasting experiences which cause us to “turn the other cheek” towards what we would prefer. In other words, when contrast occurs we have the freedom to choose
better feeling thoughts – or not! In having these experiences we have the opportunity to develop our Co-creative capacity to use power with responsibility, wisdom and Unconditional Love. In this we learn how we all get what we get, it’s an inside job! In other words what we’re mainly thinking about always attracts our next experience.

Now, Dr. G, who You really are, as a unique perspective of Source Energy, knew all of this when you were planning your experiences for Joy and Growth in this incarnation. These chosen tendencies and growth experience are shown in the birth mandala - the natal “horoscope.” The only “karma” while you’re here depends on your choice of thoughts in each new NOW. The “work” you wanted to do when you came into this physical Universe was simply to learn to choose thoughts that would feel increasingly better. Nothing has ever “happened” to anyone of us that was not first a thought going on within us. No exceptions!
One reason why these early experiences may not seem to be your “responsibility” (choice) and to be “fair” is because of the unconscious belief that you only have this one life to have “fun” (Joy). Carl Jung suggested that “Free will is the ability to do gladly that which I must do.”

The “gift” of the experiences we’ve had, and say we wish we hadn’t, is that they give us the opportunity to focus on what we would rather have. And in focusing and intending, we help Creation expand! So, can you answer your own question? Do you believe your past experiences have been conducive to your growth, compassion, wisdom and Unconditional Love, or are you still learning that “you reap what you sow?” It was your free will that “wrote” these experiences – your responsibility. And it might soothe you to know that there is no reason to feel anger, shame, guilt – or any further negative emotions – about this powerfulß accelerated growth experience, which you had the Spiritual bravery to take on. This leading to non-judgement and Oneness Consciousness – the fertile ground for emergence into our highest state of Grace, i.e., Unconditional Love.

In Oneness, Dennis

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